Beware of Where You Buy Your Underwear and Swimwear

Where do you buy for your underwear and swimwear? Do you buy directly from the manufacturer or authorized representative stores? From Amazon or eBay? If you answered yes to the eBay, please read through to the end! We want to share a recent customer’s experience with you. First of all, we want everyone to be aware of all of the options we have in today’s age to buy anything we want online but here is what our loyal customer shared with us:

” A few weeks ago I was browsing eBay for one of my favourite underwear and swimwear brands when I saw a listing for a pair of Geronimo at a great price with free UK shipping. Actually the price was a lot lower than the normal price and I doubt it. I checked the seller’s feedback which was about 10K with just 9 negative feedback in the last 6 months. I took advantage of the great price. I waited a few days for the pair of underwear to arrive and quickly opened the package once it arrived.

To my dismay, once I emptied the contents of the mailer envelope onto my table, a simple printed invoice fell out along with a containing a pair of underwear emblazoned with the logo I am accustomed to seeing. I thought it was strange enough that I didn’t receive any packaging that the underwear comes in, and even stranger when I removed the pair to examine closer. The underwear tag didn’t match the manufacturer! I quickly sent the eBay seller a message conveying my concern, but they never reply!

My next course of action was to make a report to eBay who assured me that the seller had already been suspended from selling this item and if they continued to sell similar products their account would be terminated. I checked the sellers eBay account last night and for my great disappointment I’ve found that eBay didn’t take any action against the seller. The seller have more fake items with new titles on sale which is more frustrating!

I have yet to see how this situation will conclude, but I felt that you (Concupisco) and your customers should know how many fakes are on sale at eBay and how quickly an online transaction can change course. Above everything, I want everyone of your customers to be safe when they do their underwear shopping and not to put their self in a bad position.”

Please use good judgment when conducting online transactions, always deal with a reputable business, and use extreme caution when using platforms such as eBay. Keep in mind that when you use a service like that, you typically make yourself vulnerable.

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