Reveal Boxer Brief Geronimo 1841b1 Blue Fetish Underwear Collection

Leather look with gentle touch of fine cotton. Looking for super sexy, naughty and comfortable underwear for men? This is the right one for you! The super sexy Geronimo 1841b1 Blue reveal boxer brief by Geronimo Fetish limited underwear collection for men is made of a soft cotton and Lycra fabric blend with a leather look and feel it has a full seat and a roomy faux leather pouch.

Geronimo 1841b1 blue reveal trunk

What makes this product unique is the removable faux leather pouch and waistband. The pouch is removable, attached to the waistband with two metal branded snap buttons. Under the pouch is a cutout for your manhood to come through. This allows you the option and flexibility for extra growth or to unsnap the pouch covering and reveal all your glory!

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