How the Boxair Underwear Works

There are three main features that make Boxair Underwear Unique:

  • Protective pouch
  • Nanocrystal netlike fabric
  • Bamboo fibre side panels

Boxair combines these three patented innovations that ensure high levels of comfort and protection of the scrotal area, as they all work together to prevent overheating and excessive sweating. The protective pouch is made of a Nanocrystal netlike fabric and bamboo fibre side panels. It serves to protect the scrotal area from overheating and excessive sweating, and it limits bacteria growth, skin irritation or inflammation.

The unique Nanocrystal netlike fabric is made of high-tech Ice Cool© fibre treated with Nanocrystalline particles. The fabric has fine structure that favors airflow and fast drying. It serves to wick away moisture from the skin to the surface of the fabric where it evaporates easily, therefore temperature in the contact area is reduced by 2°C compared to other materials. This patented fabric improves the thermoregulation in the scrotal area and prevents the testicles from overheating. Humidity control eliminates bacteria growth factor, the skin remains protected and dry, feeling cool and comfortable.

Boxair’s pouch side panels are made of fine Ochaco TM bamboo fibre fabric, obtained through the carbonisation of high quality Taiwanese bamboo. The side panels separate the testicles from inner thighs and improve the air flow, heat exchange and blood circulation in the scrotal area. Also helps maintain regular body temperature in the contact area.
The propeller shaped section of yarn also accelerates quick drying by effective moisture control structure and gently hugs the testicles. Moist is drained up to surface for full evaporation. Fabric dries out up to 60% quicker compared to cotton. Bamboo fibers have natural mineral content which determine their antiperspirant and antimicrobial features. Minerals enhance moist absorption thus preventing bacteria growth and unpleasant odors.

The body structure of the Boxair boxer briefs is made of superior combed cotton for a natural and comfortable feel.

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