Reveal Brief Geronimo 1353s2 White Men’s Underwear Review

The Geronimo Underwear 1353s2 White is a sexy revealing pouch brief.

The Brief is made from the super soft, silky blend of 80% Polyamide and 20% Lycra. The fabric may remind you of a lightweight material – soft, flexible, and comfortable. The stitching and overall quality is just great. They feature flat seams for a comfortable finish. The overall fit and comfort is rock solid as well. I was pleased to find a full coverage for your butt. While some styles may look great with a little cheek showing, they often lack comfort. With the full seat, you are guaranteed all-day comfort. The sexy comes in with the unique reveal pouch and with the center stitched seam in the butt – highlighting your shape nicely.

What makes this product unique is the removable reveal pouch. Under the pouch is a cutout for your manhood to come through. This allows you the option and flexibility for extra growth or to unsnap the pouch covering and reveal all your glory 😉 I was worried at first as to how the pouch would feel after wearing all day – thinking it was more of a nighttime pair of underwear. Boy was I wrong!!! I found the pouch to be extremely comfortable for all day wearing and didn’t bunch at all during the day. Overall, a VERY comfortable pair of underwear!

Available at,briefs/?art_id=geronimo,1353s2-white

Geronimo Reveal brief 1353s2

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