Cycle Long Leg 1761b9 Boxers for men by Geronimo underwear

Geronimo 1761b9 cycle length short boxers for men. The longer length leg on this men’s underwear reaches down to just above the knee. This awesome pair is made of premium cotton fabric that’s comfy and stretchy. The breathable fabric wicks moisture away from the body helping keep you cool. Long underwear is a great way to comfortably layer up when the outside temperature is too cold to bear.

Featuring contrasting 3.5 cm wide luxurious elastic waistband, roomy enhancing pouch that gives excellent support and a nice added lift. This men’s underwear prevents sweating, chafing and squashing. Perfect undergarment if you work outside, enjoy cold-weather sports, or simply want to knock off the chill when commuting to work, having worm underwear is a must.

Available in Black, White and Graphite color.

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